Nebraska Market to Market® Relay 50k

Market to Market 50 | Officially Retired

We have been debating whether or not to continue the Market to Market 50K for a 4th year and have ultimately decided to retire the Market to Market 50K following the 2014 race. This was a very difficult decision as we love the race and know it has become a popular event with Nebraska and regional ultra-runners as well for runners who see it as a bucket list experience and a race to aspire towards.

Without getting too lengthy, we wanted to give you a few reasons for this decision:

First, the Market to Market 50K was originally meant to be a one-time special edition race to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Market to Market Relay. However, it was so well received that we felt like we needed to bring it back for a second (and then a third!) year. We are proud to have been a part of a larger effort to kick start the ultra-scene in Nebraska, which has seen tremendous growth in runners and events! Now after 3 years, we feel like many Nebraska runners have had the opportunity to run the Market to Market 50K and we are happy to pass the ultra-running torch to our friends at the Greater Omaha Area Trail Runners (GOATz) and Angry Cow Races. Check them out if you haven’t already!

Second, our mission at Pink Gorilla Events is to provide ‘Big Experiences for Runners.’ With the growth of the Market to Market Relay into the nation’s largest day-long relay, our tiny company needs to focus our energy, strengths and resources into making sure that the relay race always stays exciting , fresh, cutting edge and above all safe for the runners. We feel that retiring the 50K will allow us to continue to do so.

Lastly and related to above, we are seeking ways to have more balance in our personal and family lives (especially as some of our families have been growing lately). We also want to be a running company that has time to go running! Ultimately the format of doing the 50K on top of a 525 team, 4000 person relay was creating unsustainable work habits. (Just ask our wives :)

At any rate, it is with a heavy heart that we retire the Market to Market 50K, it was a great run! Thanks to all who ran with us and supported the event. We hope you’ll join us at our other Pink Gorilla Event.

See you on the trails! Sincerely,
Ben Cohoon & Jason Bakewell